The Sugar Daddy do they prefer the Sugar Babies who rarely initiate conversation?

The answer to this question lies in a simple communication rule. If you find a sugar daddy with whom you would like to share, please write it. If he has not written to you in the first place, perhaps this is because he has not yet seen your profile. Wait for the other person make the first move is not the best approach, we are no longer in school.

“Write to me”

How many texts Sugar Daddies have you read so far? Have you noticed that many, if not most of them require you to write them? A real Sugar Daddy has less reason to write you a man on a routine dating site because it looks primarily an independent woman. In other words, if you’re the type of girl to just answer succinctly, perhaps you should rethink your strategy.

The Sugar Daddies are in TOTAL control of THEIR life. This means they have no intention of controlling your own and they expect that you take initiatives.

“What are you wearing right now? ”

Sugar Baby 1 of 5 initiates the conversation. Did you also know that these are the girls, also, find a Sugar Daddy? The appearance, sex appeal and a Barbie body are not everything. A Sugar Daddy is interested in a woman able to surprise the interesting with interesting conversation topics and stimulants. So instead of “hello, are you? “Why not open a” What are you wearing right now?  “Of course I’m sure you can be more creative than me.

According to YOUR words

In a relationship on your terms, YOU ask the rules. You also choose who you ask them. Instead of wasting your time politely answer those who do not interest you, invest your time to start a conversation with those you love. This way it is more likely that you find the person you seek.

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