Why join a SugarDating site ?

To find a valid answer to this question, we asked our members through a survey. Here are the results.
Why participate in Sugardating?

Most of our users are “curious”

Surprisingly, the majority of our SugarDaddy, SugarBaby, sugarmama SugarBoys and say they have registered on Sugardaters┬« curiosity, more than half of surveyed Sugar Daddy. The Sugar Mamas on they seem to be even more curious – 68% of them have created their profiles curiosity, while in Sugarbabes and SugarBoys, these proportions are only 46 and 60%.

Other users have reported that they worshiped the new experiences that revolve around love and meetings. Maybe we should count among the especially curious? This real taste for new experiences drove 17% of SugarDaddy, 19% and 23% of sugarbabe SugarBoys asked to register.

Age matters

Obviously participate in SugarDating returns to meet a younger or older person. That is the goal of many users SugarDaters®. Approximately 40% of surveyed SugarDaddy covet younger women and have become members to seize the opportunity to meet. This share rises to 60% for sugarbabe and 36% for Sugarboy.

The advantages of SugarDating

Of course, many members have registered for the simple reason that they wish to share good times with good company. As for sugarbabe and Sugarboy 67% and 30% respectively SugarDaters® browse to find a partner that softens their lives.

Then there are a number of users seeking unconventional relationships.
Given their success, 17% of respondents SugarDaddy have too little time for a traditional relationship which is why they prefer a relationship without ties. On the other side, it’s about a sugarbabe four and a six Sugarboy looking for a more flexible relationship …

The Sugar Daddy do they prefer the Sugar Babies who rarely initiate conversation?

The answer to this question lies in a simple communication rule. If you find a sugar daddy with whom you would like to share, please write it. If he has not written to you in the first place, perhaps this is because he has not yet seen your profile. Wait for the other person make the first move is not the best approach, we are no longer in school. Continue reading “The Sugar Daddy do they prefer the Sugar Babies who rarely initiate conversation?”